Comodo Workwear provides comfortable, functional and aesthetically-pleasing clothing for construction workers. With an excellent fit and feel, our workwear allows you to perform your best on site, all while maintaining a professional look.

Liam founded Comodo Workwear in 2020 as he was having a hard time finding workwear that was both comfortable and suitable for his job as a tradesman. Regular workwear trousers tended to bunch at the back of the knee throughout the workday, making it difficult to carry out tasks on site. And although they were comfortable, tracksuit bottoms just weren’t durable enough for his type of work. He wanted to design modern work trousers that paired the comfort factor of tracksuit bottoms with the durability of more traditional workwear trousers. With an elasticated waist and made from material that has just the right amount of stretch but is still strong, Comodo Workwear trousers offer the ideal solution.

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About the Founder

It all started on the London Underground. Electrician, Liam, was sitting on the Tube on his way to work, wearing two pairs of work trousers for comfort on a cold and windy day. He thought to himself, “why has no one made comfortable workwear?” In that moment, Liam found his passion, creating a solution to a common problem. His vision soon came to life and Comodo Workwear was born. Still working as an electrician, Liam understands how each product should feel and look. “I love the fact that I get to design new products, providing input on key features and the way things look,” he says.
“It was very much a lightbulb moment.”
— Liam Snellin, Founder & Designer | Comodo Workwear
‘Comodo’ is the Italian word for ‘comfortable’, and Comodo Workwear’s mission is to create durable, comfortable and stylish workwear to support tradesmen on site; a concept only understood by tradesmen themselves. Liam has big plans for Comodo’s future: to keep driving forward, creating new products and making an impact. Explore Comodo’s collection of workwear trousers, jackets, gilets and more!