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Comodo Workwear trousers are the ultimate choice for professionals across all trades. With a breathable polyester material at the knee, these trousers ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. The elastic waist complete with drawstring and belt loops, guarantees a custom fit, while the stretch material at the crotch amplifies agility and movement.

Comodo Workwear TV : Do you want to win a free set? - YouTube

Here at Comodo Workwear we want to reward tradesman for doing the best work.

We are giving away a free set as a prize for the best work out there, all you have to do is email or DM pictures of your work with a thumbs up to confirm it’s yours and not taken from google haha.

Tag us on your stories on socials and selfie with your work and our workwear if you are an existing clients for an extra point!

Winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Let’s talk about what the future holds for Comodo Workwear🔮

Keep your eyes peeled for new sample sneak peeks👀

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At Comodo Workwear, we take pride in offering a range of workwear trousers designed specifically with tradesmen in mind. Our mission is simple: to provide comfortable, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing clothing that empowers you to excel on the job. Our innovative workwear trousers, some of which feature a pioneering polyester material base, provide unrivaled breathability and enduring all-day comfort. We know that long hours on the job require clothing that won't hold you back, and our workwear trousers are up to the task. We've carefully crafted every detail of our trousers to meet the unique needs of tradesmen. From reinforced pockets to durable fabrics, our workwear is built to withstand the rigors of your work. We also believe that looking good on the job is important, too. Our workwear trousers not only perform exceptionally but also look great, so you can feel confident in your appearance while working hard. Upgrade your workwear wardrobe with Comodo Workwear trousers. Experience the difference in comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Shop our collection now and elevate your performance on the job site.


Comodo Workwear trouser comparison Poly-Tech Joggers and Slim-Fleece Joggers.

The work trousers both feature an elastic drawstring waist and belt loops also a stretch material at the crotch for maximum comfort and flexibility. All the essential pockets and slots including two zip pockets on the side with both material joins just above the knee down to the hem.

The Poly-Tech Joggers excel in functionality and durability with breathable polyester material, making them great for challenging sweaty conditions.

The Slim-Fleece Joggers offer more of a sleek feeling with a slim fit style cozy fleece material, maintaining that essential stretch.

Designed by a tradesman for tradesmen.


How Comodo Workwear was born💥

While riding the Central Line on his way home as an electrician, our CEO found himself wearing two pairs of trousers in the sweltering heat.

This uncomfortable experience prompted him to question why he was wearing two pairs of trousers and why other workwear brands failed to provide true comfort in their products.

Taking matters into his own hands as soon as he got off the train over 3 years ago now, he designed a workwear range that would not only be comfortable but also durable and stylish.

His vision was clear, to offer a solution for everyone in the trades who wants to look and feel professional while staying comfortable throughout the day.


New Product Alert - Comodo Workwear Shorts and Matching Hoodie

Designed by a Tradesman for Tradesmen

  • The Comodo Workwear Shorts and Hoodie key features:
  • Poly Cotton with Spandex material throughout
  • Stretch panels on the waist for maximum flexibility
  • 8 pockets with 12 tool slots
  • Hammer loop
  • Slim Fit
  • Comfortable fleeced hoodie
  • Hoodie features the matching material pocket


Comodo TV Toolfair CBS Arena Coventry - 14th & 15th Sep

We are going to be at CBS ARENA, COVENTRY

14TH SEPTEMBER 2023 10AM - 4PM & 15TH SEPTEMBER 2023 10AM - 3PM

Free Knee pads included with all trousers and twinsets on the day, walk away with your very own personalised Comodo Workwear carrier bag.

Also keep in mind we are going to be at Sandown Park 3rd and 4th of November.

Meet with the Comodo team we would love to see you there!🎉


Product of the Week - Comodo Workwear Poly-Tech Twin Set in Black with Free Knee pads. - YouTube

This week's top seller is our Black Poly-Tech twin set!

Did you know we are currently running an offer where you receive a free set of knee pads when you purchase a pair of trousers or twin set!

Designed by a Tradesman for Tradesmen

  • to market Polyester material base for a breathable and comfortable feel.
  • Spandex woven material on the thigh throughout for maximum flexibility
  • Reinforced holster, knee pad pockets hem guards 
  • Elastic stretch patches at each hip for extra give
  • Hammer loop
  • Over 22 pockets/slots

The workwear top features a matching material 1/4 Zip with the base of the top a breathable comfortable polyester with a more durable workwear pocket.

Perfect Workwear for:

  • Electricians Workwear
  • Plumbers Workwear
  • Bricklayers Workwear
  • Carpentry Workwear
  • DIY workwear
  • Roofers Workwear
  • Plasterers Workwear
  • HVAC Workwear

Model 6'3 Wears

M 1/4 zip top and M - 33/L trousers

Size Guide:


Waist: S:28-30




Length: 29:Short




Comodo TV Episode 1 : Meet our CEO Liam & about our name👷‍♂️ - YouTube

Check out or Instagram and Tiktok @comodoworkwear 

Comodo TV Episode 1 : Meet our CEO Liam & about our name👷‍♂️

Did you know that comodo means comfortable in Spanish & Italian?

Comfortable Workwear is the concept behind the brand, the vision was born before the name and I wanted the name to have a meaning.

Designed by a tradesman for tradesmen.  

  • Comfortable Workwear
  • Fashionable Workwear
  • Durable Workwear
  • Functional Workwear
  • Stylish Workwear
  • Workwear Trousers 
  • Workwear Joggers 
  • Workwear Shorts 
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