Comodo Workwear Ltd

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The acceptance of our quotation means the acceptance of the terms and conditions that will apply between Comodo Workwear Ltd., (CWL) and the Customer. Any change or relaxation to these Terms and Conditions can only be agreed in writing by CWL.

Direct Supply

Orders for “ready to wear garments” will be processed direct from our website.

Bespoke Garments Bespoke/ Personalised wear

Orders for Customer Bespoke Garments or any that result in a change or additional work to our stock items, for example embroidery or print work to can only be processed using our bespoke service.

At this time CWL does not offer any digitising service and cannot develop a DST/embroidery from an image or an embroidery sample.

CWL Bespoke service.

Where an order is placed and sampling approval is required as part of the order process the approval process and sampling timeframes are entirely separate to the subsequent bulk delivery programmes. Due to the processes/complexities/limitations of the sampling process order fulfilment delays may occur.

CWL cannot be held responsible such delays howsoever caused.

To use CWL bespoke service please contact us at: email

To process orders requiring embroidery the following information is mandatory.

A DST file including embroidery dimensions and embroidery thread colours.

To process orders requiring printing processes the following information is mandatory.

A Jpeg/eps file with the print size/dimensions and colour details clearly shown.

Conditions For the Acceptance of Bespoke Orders

CWL cannot be held responsible for any errors in the file/file information, including errors of omission, dimensions and format provided by the Customer.

CWL will make every effort to ensure that the order/sampling is in accordance with the Customers specifications.

It is the Customers sole responsibility to ensure that samples, lab dips or trims etc., provided to the Customer from CWL for approval are thoroughly checked.

CWL require that any such approvals are received in writing by email/fax or post.

Where the Customer provides pantone references or colour fabric swatches for colour matching it is the Customers sole responsibility to ensure that they retain a copy of such references/swatches to verify them against the specific order placed and processed by CWL.

CWL, its Contractors and Manufacturers rely solely on the information provided by the Customer. CWL will not be held responsible if the information provided by the Customer is incorrect and any subsequent sampling and production of garments are deemed unacceptable.

Any costs incurred by CWL its Contractors and Manufacturers as a result of the supply of incorrect information will be borne by the Customer.

It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to provide timely information as requested by CWL to process the order. Any delay will affect delivery dates.

Additional requirements for sampling will affect delivery dates.

In the event of sampling not being approved on the first occasion due to errors on the Customers part will incur a non-refundable charge of £100 for the resampling process.

A final shipment date will be confirmed by CWL only when sampling has been approved in writing by the customer.

Prices are subject to change if information CWL relied on at the quotation stage changes as a result of a revision to Customer specifications. CWL reserves the right to amend prices at any time.

CWL will not be held responsible for any delay in the shipment of goods by Sea/Air/Courier where the cause of the delay is outside of CWL’s control.

In the event of delays, CWL will not be held responsible for any costs arising in respect of penalties. CWL will not offer deductions nor offer any discount or compensation to the Customer in respect of delays caused.

Where Customers provide CWL with samples for quotes or replication CWL will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or return of the sample.


CWL will retain the Customers details for the sole purpose of fulfilling the order and any subsequent orders.

We retain the right to share this information to secure funding, liaise with our sub-contractors and logistic partners.

CWL will not use the Customer details for any other purpose unless we receive your written consent.

The Customer can request the removal of this data from our systems by contacting CWL in writing.

Payment Terms

Payment is due on receipt of your order unless specifically varied and agreed in writing by CWL.

Orders will not be processed unless CWL is in receipt of cleared funds into our nominated bank account unless specifically agreed in writing.

Exchange and Returns

Exchange or refunds are conditional on CWL, at its sole discretion agreeing that the items are returned in the same condition as shipped and have not been worn, damaged or altered. CWL will not be liable to exchange or refund any items that fail this inspection.

CWL can only accept for exchange, replacement or refund, stock items purchased through our website.

Before returning any item the Customer must contact CWL detailing reasons for return using the contact points listed below.


Telephone: 07702380740